Barry Hersko Helps the Homeless in New York

Barry Hersko is a leader in real estate but his greatest work is what he does for the homeless.

“My partnership with EARP started in 1988,” explained Barry Hersko, property developer and real estate expert. “Especially during the holidays, it’s vital to give back to those in need.”

Since childhood, Barry has always been passionate about serving those less fortunate, which is why partnering with EARP was a logical choice as Barry Hersko became a household name in real estate. The EARP or Emergency Assistance Rental Program began in the late eighties as a response to the growing homeless epidemic in New York, and Barry Hersko knew he had to do something about it.

“To know that I could make a difference by renting out more affordable apartments to those in need was an easy decision,” explained Barry Hersko. “I had to step up and help.”

The Emergency Assistance Rental Program started off small and continued to grow, eventually helping thousands in New York find shelter and begin to rebuild their lives. Rental assistance programs help New Yorkers experiencing homelessness move out of shelters and into stable housing, for many a first-time experience that will change their lives forever. Barry Hersko and many others like him have helped hundreds of thousands of people get the confidence to rebuild their lives, and often are able to find a permanent home. In the eighties, Barry Hersko was one of the first landlords to open his buildings to those in need, starting a trend that has carried on to this very day. As New York City continues to turn the tide on homelessness, it’s in large part due to partners like Barry Hersko to keep the cause going.

The ultimate goal of programs like the one Barry Hersko supports is to provide households with financial assistance in a progressive manner. This type of progressive engagement refers to a strategy of providing small amounts of assistance to help everyone entering into the homeless system. For some, even the smallest amount of assistance is enough to stabilize, but sometimes much more assistance can be offered to those who require it.

Through constant support with the EARP and other organizations like it, Barry Hers continues to give back to those in New York who need it most. To learn more about Barry Hersko and the projects he is working on, click here for more information.

Barry Hersko

Barry Hersko offers tips on Buying Homes

Buying a home can be a daunting task, especially during busy seasons of life. With decades of real estate experience, Barry Hersko offers solutions for first time home buyers no matter where they live.


“Buying a home is a monumental life decision,” explained Barry Hersko. “You’ll want to have the right team of people around you to ensure you get the best possible home at the best possible rate.


One of the biggest mistakes first time home buyers make is not focusing on the location. You have to create a checklist and go through each area to make sure the location you choose is a good fit. Will you raise your children in this area? How good are the school zones? Are there lots of people moving to that part of town? Are there new developers?


These are just a handful of questions Barry Hersko encourages first time home buyers to ask.


It’s also incredibly important to get the opinions of friends and family who have lived in or around the area you are considering moving to. Because of the age of technology, now, more than ever, you can have the upper hand with scouting potential home locations.


Picking the Right Agent with Barry Hersko

Find the right agent can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Barry Hersko encourages everyone to find a realtor that knows the area you want to move to, has experience in the surrounding areas, and has a plan to use technology to find the best home for your family that can meet all of your needs. Utilizing technology can help you when it comes to creating a comparative market analysis report, that will showcase the price of homes in the area, when pricing drops, and when it might be the best time to buy. Paying attention to these trends and having a realtor to help create the reports will make you have the upper hand when and if it comes time to negotiate rates, and when to offer a price on the home or homes you are looking for.


Find an agent with the right experience, tools to move along the process, and attitude will help you as you search for your dream home.


Therefore, focusing on this and the location you want to live in is vital to the home buying experience.

Barry Hersko Offers Tips for Selling Homes

Selling your home can be a daunting task. With decades of experience, Barry Hersko offers tips for selling your home in 2018.

Putting your home on the market is a life-changing move. Before heading down the road that includes finding an agent, listing your home and waiting for a significant amount of time, Barry Hersko has some tips to selling your home and moving on to whatever life holds next.

“The first tip I recommend is to focus on an increased online presence,” explained Barry Hersko. “Almost 100% of home buyers use the internet to look for homes, more than at any other point in history.”

Chances are, that if your online listing is lacking, most people won’t even bother taking a look in real life. Consider adding professional photos, hiring a staging company, and get incredibly creative about the words or “copy” you would use to describe your home. Make people feel a deep connection to your home online, and they will be more likely to make an offer in real time.

Another tip Barry Hersko recommends is finding a real estate agent you have a connection with. It could be as simple as liking the same types of properties, but make certain that when you begin your search, you find an agent that is going to best represent you and go to bat for you and your family. Well recommended agents will help you market your home, will represent you to future buyers, and go out of their way to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the service.

Consider asking friends, and other people who have sold their homes before who they would recommend connecting you with.

Once you find your dream agent it is crucial to set proper expectations for what you are expecting. Creating goals and timeframes with in-person meetings and contracts will help protect you, your agent, and everyone else involved. Barry Hersko recommends keeping a digital notebook of everything agreed to in the contract so that you can keep everyone on the same page and mark results and wins, and also figure out what’s not working along the way.

Establishing healthy timeframes will only ensure that nothing falls through and you can focus on what is most important, selling your home.

Although selling your home can be a challenge, finding an expert agent to walk you through each of the steps will make the process go by faster and yield better results. To learn more about Barry Hersko and more tips on real estate, click here.

Barry Hersko offers tips on Relocating

Moving to a new city can be a challenge. With over 2 decades of Real Estate experience, Barry Hersko provides tips for finding a new home in a new city.

Moving can be tough, adding to the pressure is making sure you find the right home. Although renting a new home without living in the city can be a challenge, Barry Hersko has the expertise to guide you throughout the process.

With thoughtful planning, a great agent and a handful of tips to help guide you along the way, this journey can be a worthwhile and fruitful endeavor while finding your perfect home away from home in a new city.

Learn the local market before you decide to move is incredibly helpful and can give you an advantage when it comes time to look. Know the exact area you are hoping to live and expanding upon that while searching is key.

Another great tip is asking friends and colleagues who live in the city you hope to move to. Figure out exactly what people would recommend and then start to dive into what the rental process is like in that new specific area.

Some great questions to consider are when listings become available, how much is required for a deposit, the types of amenities available and the rule if any from the HOA.

“Keep in mind that these change from New York to Austin, so having a good idea of what you want before you start searching is key to finding the right home,” explained Barry Hersko. “You have to take every factor into consideration.”

Another great tool in the digital age is scoping out local real estate magazines and local blogs to help get a lay of the land. It’s also crucial to factor in your work commute when considering a move to a new city. Asking questions about the time it will take to get to work, and back home is vital when finding a new neighborhood. Google maps can be a great resource for canvassing new areas.

It’s important to remember that before you board a plane to go and visit these places that you really connect with a local agent via facetime and email to get a good feel for the person that will be showing you around. Don’t be afraid to share some personal facts about your life to help the agent better understand exactly what you are looking for.

It’s also crucial to have all of your documents in order showing your annual pay, proof of who you are, and information on your new job for when you move.

“It also never hurts to do your research on the type of building you are going to tour and the landlord or HOA as well,” explained Barry Hersko. “ You want to make sure that you feel welcomed and safe especially in a new city.”

Although moving to a new city can be intimidating, finding an expert agent to walk you through each of the steps will make the transition a seamless process. To learn more about Barry Hersko and more tips on real estate, click here.